ADREXpharma® GmbH is an independent German pharmaceutical company with a strong focus on Controlled Drugs and Medical Cannabis distribution. At ADREXpharma®  we are committed to quality, authenticity and innovation, as well as contributing to the growing body of evidence-based research regarding the benefits and efficacy of cannabis and on validating new therapy options for patients. Our aim is to provide the best possible medical treatment for the cannabis market and to make it easier for patients to use Medical Cannabis today and in the future. Loyal to this philosophy we support ongoing patient education about Medical Cannabis. We are passionate, patient-focused, and pride ourselves in delivering unparalleled customer service and operational excellence. Patient safety is our primary concern and as a result we have developed a quality control process, to ensure consistency of our products for our customers. We cooperate with a variety of international manufacturers and producers in order to meet the growing demand for Medical Cannabis.

ADREXpharma holds all the necessary licenses to operate in the German medical cannabis market, namely the Authorisation for wholesale distribution with medical products (§ 52a AMG), the Manufacturing license of medicinal products for human use GMP Part I (§13 AMG), the Distribution, import and manufacturing of active Pharma ingredients as starting material for medicinal Products for human use GMP part II (§ 64 Abs.3g AMG & AMG § 67 AMG), the Controlled drug dealing license (§ 3 BtmG) and the Import authorisation for medicinal products for human use (§72 AMG).

Adrexpharma® Pharma GmbH holds as a pharmaceutical wholesale licence in accordance with 52a of the Medicines Act (AMG), a permit to handle narcotics in accordance with § 3 of the Act on Narcotics (BtMG) and a license in accordance with § 72 of the Medicinis Act (AMG) to import Controlled Drugs and cannabis to Europe, allowing us to cooperate with any GMP certified company in the world, as defined by the European law.