ADREXpharma® GmbH offers the perfect interplay between research, development and innovation of the cannabis therapy.

ADREXpharma® GmbH is a medium-sized, German, independent, pharmaceutical company based in Koblenz. We have specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of various dosage forms of medicinal cannabis.

ADREXpharma® envisions itself as a multi-spectrum provider in the young medical cannabis market.

Product portfolio

The current product portfolio consists of compounding products for prescription drugs such as cannabidiol and dronabinol, cannabis flowers and THC extracts as well as a line of natural cosmetics. The holistic corporate commitment is supplemented by the areas of product research and development as well as training and well-founded knowledge education for pharmacies and doctors.


ADREXpharma is working intensively on the development of new formulations and types of application in the cannabis therapy.


ADREXpharma specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of various dosage forms related to medicinal cannabis.

Produktion & Vermarktung

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The distribution channel is controlled exclusively through the German full-line wholesalers and the pharmacies.

ADREXpharma® has as well a wholesale license according to §52 AMG, a license to handle narcotics (BtMG §3) and an import license according to §72 AMG, as well as a manufacturing license according to § 13 AMG.


The AMG regulates that advertising for narcotics as pharmaceuticals is not permitted. No more detailed product descriptions may be made available to the public. Violations are a criminal offense. Therefore, our products on this website are only available for registered users after prior verification and registration.